Well Stocked Library

Text Books =4500(aprox.), Reference Book = 950(Aprox), Journal = 50,(Aprox) Enciclopedia= 20(Aprox).

The College has a rich and useful Library consisting text and reference books of various disciplines presently housed in the library building. It has a Reference section, a lending section and a seperate reading room.

The college also provides books to students for Entry to Services so that students can avail books that are necessary for competitive examination and job training. On payment of the library deposit each student is provided with two card, one refenece and the other Lending/Borrower card.

The cards are strictly NOT RTANSFERABLE. Refence card is meant fot the issue of a book to be read, only on the day, in the Reading Room. Books will be issued against Lending/ Borrower card for home use.

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